This high pressure hose for CO2 gases is manufactured to BS EN ISO 14113. The PTFE inner liner is covered by a stainless steel braided mantle. Cylinder and manifold connectors are made of brass..

We inventory a wide variety of FDA approved hoses and fittings for all of your Food and Beverage applications! Try our complete, engineered assemblies! We offer our FDA/3A approved hoses with sanitary triclamp fittings designed to work with our products by being crimped on. These fittings offer a smooth transition on the inner hose, eliminating ledges or crevices that can collect harmful bacteria or other contaminants.

  • BS No.3 inlet to connect straight to gas cylinder with G3/8" swivel outlet to connect to manifold
  • 300 Bar rated
  • Standard lengths 1 metre and 2 metre (other lengths available on request)

Hoses for high pressure gases operating at pressure ranging up to several hundred bar. For filling of gas cylinders and tanks, in industrial, medical and laboratory installations. Gas examples: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, acetylene, carbon dioxide and many other including gas mixtures