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Manufacturer of Oil Hose & Petrol Hose - Ped Lock

Food and Beverage Hose Manufacturer

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Application :

Hoses intended for food industry can come into contact with food products and semi-finished food products. Hose material must not contain any substances that can migrate into food, endanger human health, deteriorate taste and quality of foodstuff. The inner layer of the food hose is made of high quality and high purity rubber and plastic materials

We inventory a wide variety of FDA approved hoses and fittings for all of your Food and Beverage applications! Try our complete, engineered assemblies! We offer our FDA/3A approved hoses with sanitary triclamp fittings designed to work with our products by being crimped on. These fittings offer a smooth transition on the inner hose, eliminating ledges or crevices that can collect harmful bacteria or other contaminants.

Temperature Range:
  • From-40°upto120°C
  • Sterilisation up to 140°C for a maximum time of 30 minutes