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SS Corrugated Hose Manufacturer

SS Corrugated Hose Manufacturer
SS Corrugated Hose Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

SS Corrugated Hose Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Stainless Steel corrugated flexible hoses are offered from size 6mm NB (1/4") to Size: 200mm NB (8'), The Annular Corrugated hose body provided the flexibility & pressure tight core of the assembly, We also manufacture high flexible close-pitch hoses for special applications. With the aid of our technologically advanced production unit, we are able to offer SS Corrugated Hoses at economical prices. Hose is manufactured from 10 mm to 200 mm NB and braided on braiding machines of 24, 36, 48, 64, 96 carriers depending on the Hose Diameter. Hose from 20 mm onwards are produced from hydroform process.

  • Sizes from ¼” – 12”
  • Annular corrugated hose
  • Single & Double Braid
  • Wide variety of end connections
  • Flexible Pump connectors
  • Jacketed Hose
  • PTFE Lining available
  • Available cleaned for oxygen service

As this is a custom made to order product, select ‘ask a question about this product’ and send us your requirements, we will provide a quote for our world class flexible metal hose.